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Responding to your customers needs, building quality products and providing superior service is what makes a company successful.

SAWIM Sp.j. offers a full range of System Engineering, Design, and Project Management Services for your manufacturing needs. Whether you need to design a new piece of equipment or re-design your production process, we can help. From the smallest modification to a complete system, we can analyze, improve, and design it using the latest computer-aided design hardware and software.
No matter what you require - an Integrated System or a Special Machine for Packaging, Assembly, Testing or Production, SAWIM Sp.j. has the solution to satisfy your needs

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Jedną z naszych głównych zasad jest “być na czasie”, dlatego bezustannie poszerzamy swoją wiedzę i zakres obsługiwanych urządzeń, czego dowodem są uzyskiwane certyfikaty, referencje, tytuły integratora oraz partnera.

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